TTRPG Collaborations

Sprigs and Kindling

A bi-monthly creator's fanzine of CfB materials and supplements. Starting Oct 2024.

The La Fresca Mall Directory

A collection of mini-mysteries for Public Access by Jason CordovaWritten by Amanda Mullins, J Evan Parks, Raymond Rich, Aaron Sinner, with contributions by Jack HargreavesPublic Access was created by Jason CordovaThe La Fresca Mall Directory is not associated with The Gauntlet or Jason Cordova but was published with permission

Old King Smule

A gothic horror mystery for The Between by Jason CordovaWritten by members of The Gauntlet Community for The Gauntlet Terror Tuesday writing workshop hosted by Jason Cordova.Evan Bucholz, Jason Cordova, Sasha Erfanian Dow, Jack Hargreaves, Chaotic Jamgochian, Ken Jeffers, Marc Majcher, Amanda Mullins, Raymond Rich, and Mads Turley

The Unofficial Brindlewood Bay Mysteries

A three-volume set of new murder mysteries for Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova, collected by Jonah Knight.Written by Amanda Mullins, David Easly, Emma Cook, Mynar Lenahan, Henry Janes, Grady Janes, Ben Mansky, Sarah Bolling, Stephen Bowers, Ben Bisogno, Gabriel McCormick, Nico MacDougall, and Jonah Knight.

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